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Preprogramming 2024 : ISRA innovates to promote sustainable food systems

As a prelude to programming of the scientific activities for the year 2024, the eight (8) ISRA centers based in Dakar co-organize a pre-programming workshop. This activity, which took place this Wednesday, August 30, 2024 at the PRH, aims to improve the scientific and administrative management of research activities. This meeting was a framework for exchanges between the actors in the field and their partners. Its an innovation that aims to decompartmentalize the research areas of the Institute in order to create bridges between these centers, through a systemic approach.

Publié le 30 août 2023

Under the theme « The contribution of ISRA to the promotion of sustainable food systems », this conclave was an opportunity for the Directors of the centers to present their research results. This allowed partners (public, private, NGOs, etc.) to better understand ISRA’s interventions in the agricultural, agro-forestry, animal and aquaculture fields.

For Doctor Cheikh Sadibou Fall, representing the Scientific Director of ISRA, the research sector is inherently dynamic. This contributes to a better management of the concerns of the partners. « ISRA is a government instrument at the service of partners without whom there would be no research questions to address, » says Dr Fall. For whom, ISRA provides answers to these questions through its research results. Such meetings are an ideal opportunity for ISRA to share the progress of its research with technical and financial partners. On this occasion, the various Center Directors present thanked their partners.

A series of similar meetings has been held since the second half of August 2023 throughout the country. The eight (8) centers concerned are : the Macroeconomic Analysis Office (BAME), the Research Results Information and Promotion Unit (UNIVAL), the National Livestock and Veterinary Research Laboratory (LNERV), the Laboratory Plant Production Research Center (LNRPV), the Center for the Development of Horticulture (CDH), the National Forest Research Center (CNRF), Vaccine Production Unit (UPVAC) and the Dakar Oceanographic Research Center Thiaroye (CRODT).

Oumar Lo ISRA-BAME / Translated to English by Aminata Sawaneh ISRA BAME